Two recommended blogs to read from long-term Britons in Vienna. Both look under the skin of life in Vienna, behind the facade of the "Best City to Live In"

There are many angles to blogging about living in Vienna, with many taken from a perspective of discovering the city as a newbie in town, trying to find what is new in town in terms of places to drink and eat. Such blogs are all well and good, I use them for tips too, given that with opportunities to go out being more scarce, I prefer to try somewhere new or different.

However, there are a couple of blogs I enjoy for their long form posting, posting at most twice a month, but in a far longer form than higher frequency posted blogs.

Up the Danube without a Paddle has been going since 2013 and follows Robert Barratt’s musings from the southern suburbs as a parent and English teacher.

Curmudgeon in the Cottage is a blog that started in 2017 about the tribulations of early enforced retirement and reticence towards retail and consumerism.

Both blogs take a look into local life, current affairs in Vienna, while also providing a commentary of life in their respective districts. Both have a shared commitment about Vienna and its residential districts, and the trials and tribulations of living in suburbia.