Get out of Town – ideas for day trips away from Vienna

  1. Bratislava – get the Twincity Liner from Schwedenplatz down the Danube to Bratislava (about an hour) and have a leisurely day in the historic centre of Bratislava and get the train back (1 hour)
  2. Eisenstadt and the Neusiedlersee – easy train ride down to Burgenland and the endorrheic basin that is the Neusiedlersee – visit Schloss Esterhazy, go wine-tasting and have drinks at sunset at Mole West
  3. Melk and Krems – see the historic monastery and enjoy wines from one of Austria’s main wine regions
  4. Budapest – perhaps pushing it for a day trip, and perhaps better for a weekend away, but only just over two hours by railjet.
  5. Graz – Pretty ride by train down to Austria’s second largest city over Semmering (or by car down the Südautobahn)