Yellow! Taschenbücher

I think you will spend 47 seconds reading this post

I am very lucky to have an independent bookshop near my office, which sells both English and German books. It has become a place for spontaneous presents for my family, as well as a go to for cards. They have wonderful postcards – which get me out of difficulties looking for birthday cards. One, a Penguin book cover of a book called “The Horizontal Man” is now the name of a friend’s bar in his flat.

For me, the cards in the window of the shop also put a smile on my face on wet and windy mornings. They hold book readings and are helpful and friendly and there is a lot more pleasure in a book bought from them than in a faceless Amazon purchase (although, I confess I do commit this sin…)

To those who don’t know it, Yellow! is in Garnisongasse, just behind the Votivkirche, and close to the Altes AKH Campus. Treat yourself!