Interview with Joe Mayes – a Paris-based journalist

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Yesterday morning I was interviewed over the phone by a journalist in Paris, Joe Mayes. He wanted to ask about various facets of expat life, which he is currently pitching an article for – he is already very aware of the expat situation from Paris – and contacted me after finding out about my blog through the wetheeu website. I’ve embedded a recent piece from his website (below) – his focus was from Brits in Paris – and there is a lot of similarity to the circumstances faced by Brits there as to Austria – particularly in relation to the potential currency shock in relation to the effects of a Brexit. 

The video highlights a number of issues that people have been in contacts from having recently moved to Paris – and these kind of issues would also apply here in Vienna: The areas of uncertainty would in particular be:

  1. Currency fluctuations (between the pound and the euro) of detrimental effect to those (regardless of whether they are pensioners, students, employees) who are reliant on access to funds from the UK or not;
  2. Freedom of movement (and freedom to work), which would be very uncertain particularly upon expiry of transitional agreements during a Brexit.
  3. The ability to work and study concurrently – having a 35 hour working week – as mentioned in the video clip
  4. Ease of trade – importing of British goods into the EU for sale could become more difficult.

The impact on the elderly expats, who are particularly numerous in the case of France, and some other countries in Europe. Fortunately the step to register to vote is not as complicated as some interviewees fear – if you have not yet done so – do it now – by visiting

Author: mdgb

45 years old, came to Austria in 97/98 for nine months and then moved permanently in July 2000. At the time of starting this blog, I have been in Austria for more than half my lifetime.