Who feels our pain?

I think you will spend 112 seconds reading this post

The first posts have started appearing on the Vienna Expats site that I run from concerned Expats. To date there has only been one very brief statement from the Ambassador (although given the chaos and confusion it would be unrealistic to expect a more substantial one). This time last week I was waking up on my 39th birthday with the UK being turned upside down. Fortunately work has been crazily busy due to the work associated with getting a new website live – yes it happened to deadline!

Today in Austria there will be a decision in the Verfassungsgerichtshof (Constitutional Court) about the Presidential Election, and whether there were improprieties. Currently Alexander van der Bellen is due to be sworn in, but the result is not yet binding. The decision will arrive around midday – with the realistic prospect that the election might have to be re-run in part or whole, rather than Van der Bellen being inaugurated as Heinz Fischer’s successor. With a bit of luck, there might be closure and the result allowed to stand but after the last week of events in the UK – where daily the farce has got more surreal – I am not counted any chickens before they hatch.

Austria and Britain are united in being in a political mire, although in the case of the UK, credibility drains daily from the nation. After the most eminent UKIPper’s performance on Tuesday, it was Boris Johnson’s turn to bask in ignominy yesterday – as he announced that he would not stand for Prime Minister. Patience seems also to be in short supply, amid news that the European Banking Authority is due to leave London.

Last night I spoke to other Brits – and we shared a numbness – it felt like a bereavement. Moreover, the clear ignorance of what the Brexit entitles from all levels (from County Councils – like Cornwall, through to politicians). It seems like when rather than if for an Article 50 notification, but the news is remarkably devoid of news. The omnishambles rolls on – I may be giving a TV interview tomorrow. I’m still too shocked to really know what, if anything, I can do about the situation. Even “Keep calm and carry on” stoicism is leaving the building.

Author: mdgb

45 years old, came to Austria in 97/98 for nine months and then moved permanently in July 2000. At the time of starting this blog, I have been in Austria for more than half my lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Who feels our pain?”

  1. Michael, that pretty much sums up how I felt last week. I was so angry that I would literally shake with fury. However, gallows humour has set in now as I watch the pound tank and project fear becomes project reality. In my own county, Wales (and yes I live very close to the now famous town of Ebbw Vale, a place that has seen reporters and camera crews from all over the world, turn up to point and laugh.). Would now vote to remain, and that’s just 2 weeks after the result. Reality is setting in here in the UK and the leave voters are starting to either question what they were told, or to stick their fingers in their ears and close their eyes in denial. For me, well I’m hitting Vienna on the 18th to sign the paperwork for our new apartment. Moving from the UK, even without the assurance of free movement in the future seems like a much safer bet.

    1. Hi Jessica, Glad your resolve to move has not been weakened by the uncertainty in the UK – tomorrow I head to Bristol for the weekend – the first trip to the UK since the referendum. Still hoping that I manage to keep it all together, but have a coping strategy for the omnishambles that I am stepping into. Am sure it’ll all work out well in Vienna for you both – and you’ll not regret the decision to move to Austria.

      1. I’m certain we won’t. Life in Simmering if preferable to the Welsh Valley’s. 🙂

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